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Will Avila, Founder & CEO

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Carlos Tyler, Operations Director

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Bill Ferrell, Area Manager

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Charlie Curtis, Site Supervisor

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what we do

Clean Decisions: A Snapshot

Clean Decisions is a Janitorial and General Labor Service company solely owned and operated by returning  citizens. Our goal is to provide work and holistic support to returning citizens who are District residents in a way that also yields high quality services for DC area business.

Your support yields a positive impact because we employ members of the Returning Citizen community;  providing a job opportunity as well as a significant support network outside of just the job, such as each staff members creating a life and career development plan they review on a monthly basis with management to outline what Clean Decisions can to do help them on their path and short and long-term goals they will accomplish.  

As an organization that cares about its overall impact, we hope that by providing you high quality service at a fair price, and through a business that is mission-driven, we can help you achieve the double bottom line impact at being more effective at your work while also using your economic power to make a positive difference in the world.

the truth behind the work...

It Costs approximately $79 a Day to House An Inmate...

More importantly, a day in prison suffocates the light in a person, while working in a positive environment where training is provided, setting goals is encouraged, and a high standard is demanded, enables a person to reach his or her full potential.

Clean Decisions exists to provide this opportunity for returning citizens within the greater Washington DC area to unleash their full potential, break negative intergenerational cycles in their families, build a path to a middle class lifestyle, and have an opportunity to give back.

We do this by providing the opportunity to work hard at an admittedly tough job in a caring, supportive environment. Staff members have:

  • access to a case manager and mental health counselor through our community partner
  • first-hand invitations to weekly community-building gatherings, such as Pancake Saturday
  •  monthly meetings with leadership on personal and professional goals and how to maximize efforts to achieve said goals