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Clean Decisions is privileged to work with a variety of organizations spanning government, business, and individuals.  Below are the stories of several partners that we hope offer insight into how we provide high-quality, cost-effective services, customized to meet the needs of our customers.

DC Brau

Client:  DC Brau

Focus Area:  Janitorial/Maintenance Services

Overview: DC Brau is a successful DC-based brewery with a 48,500 square foot warehouse, public-facing tasting room areas, staff offices, lockers, break rooms, and multiple private and public bathrooms.

Need: DC Brau needed an experienced janitorial company who could provide high quality cleaning during non-business or brewery hours and provide a hassle free customer experience. They wanted 2x per week cleaning of key areas, and quarterly deep cleans of highest use areas.

Why Clean Decisions:  Clean Decisions is able to provide cleaning services at whatever timing is needed by a partner, and has a proven ability to provide unsupervised, consistent, high quality cleaning with a hassle free customer service experience.  As an organization committed to the community, and one that holds events with some frequency, DC Brau also appreciated Clean Decisions’ social enterprise mission and ability to provide event staffing and cleaning as well.

halcyon house

Client: Halcyon House

Focus Area:  Landscaping

Overview: Halcyon House is a social enterprise incubator in Georgetown.  Until Jeff Bezos’ purchase, it was the most expensive residential home in DC, and it has grounds that match the majesty of the home’s interior.

Need:  Halcyon House worked with a landscape architect to create a beautiful updated landscape design, but needed a high quality landscaping team with expansive plant knowledge, expertise beyond just basic planting or lawn maintenance, and an experience team with attention to detail.


Why Clean Decisions:  Clean Decisions has years of experience working with individual residential customers to real estate developers with large property portfolios. Halcyon knew Clean Decisions was an organization they could trust to get the job done, and one with a social mission that aligned to their values.  Clean Decisions completed the four figure job on time, on budget, and with complete satisfaction from Halcyon.

georgetown bid

Client: Georgetown BID

Overview: As Business Improvement Districts, the Georgetown BID and Glover Park BID each work to ensure a high quality environment for their local business members. 

Need: These and other BIDs have a variety of needs that pop up in support of their members.  Georgetown BID holds an annual festival and needs teams to staff and clean; engaged in a large-scale canal clean up and needed a labor force with hazmat experience to wade into the canal for cleaning; in past seasons has needed to put out barriers in the very early AM and then retrieve them in the late PM when sidewalks have been extended into the street to create pedestrian walkways; and during COVID have had many one-off needs to support local businesses.  In short, there isn’t one specific thing, but they always have a need to know they can call a trained, dependable team to provide support.

Why Clean Decisions:  Clean Decisions has a large team and is available to do whatever job is needed, whenever it is needed.  We have experience in many situations, and in cases where we do not we are willing to learn in order to grow a partnership.  That means being on call for Georgetown BID, as well as for real estate professions for trash outs, property managers for cleaning to hauling, and organizations that have a regular need for varying general labor services.  If you have a large volume of varying, one-off needs and could use a regular, dependable partner, we would love to work with you!

stephanie holland

Client: Stephanie Holland

Overview: Stephanie Holland is a seasoned events professional in the DC area.  She has been responsible for the management of events such as Taste of DC; Snallygaster; Red, White, and Brew Beer Festival; and many other DC-area and national events.

Need: Stephanie always notes the importance of a clean event space and trash removal as key aspects of an event, but things an event manager doesn’t want to have to think about during an event.  Stephanie’s goal is to work with a high quality vendor beforehand that can provide necessary trash and recycling equipment and handle all staffing and clean up so that once she signs the contract and meets on the plan she does not have to think about this aspect of the event again.

Why Clean Decisions: Stephanie continues to call Clean Decisions for events large and small because she knows she can outline what she needs and then rely on them to have the right equipment, right team, and right management before, during, and after the event.  From a team of 35 with 50 trash cans, 50 recycling bins, and 4 dumpsters to serve a two day outdoor event across the length of Pennsylvania Avenue NW to a team of 2 with only a handful of trash and recycling in a large parking lot, Clean Decisions has worked with Stephanie on all kinds of events and of all sizes.  Like most events professionals, Stephanie wants to work with a reliable, hard-working team who does what they say they will do, can pivot as needed to handle any situation, and who understands events from prior experience.  Clean Decisions has always provided her that type of partner.

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