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Clean Decisions is here to meet the cleaning, landscaping, and general maintenance needs of government, commercial, and residential customers, as well as specific area experts such as events managers, and real estate professionals throughout the Washington DC area, including Virginia and Maryland. Below is an outline of our core focus areas, though we are always available to meet any unique labor needs you may have.

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Our services

commercial cleaning and janitorial

Clean Decisions provides janitorial and commercial cleaning services in government buildings, warehouse spaces, breweries and distilleries, recreation centers, outdoor venues, LEED certified office buildings, apartment complexes, and commercial real estate properties. We follow ASTM E1971-19 standards and GS-42 Green Cleaning guidelines where appropriate. Stewardship of your property is our top priority, so we work with you to understand exact needs, ensure we clean to those standards, and provide high quality service in both our cleaning and communication. We would love the chance to discuss how we could meet your specific needs.

residential and commercial landscaping

Clean Decisions provides landscaping services of all sizes and types. See below for our three areas of focus in DC and PG County.

Commercial Properties

Ongoing maintenance of individual complexes or project portfolios- Many property managers, apartment complexes, and real estate developers use Clean Decisions for ongoing maintenance of individual complex or their total DMV project portfolio. We are your one-stop shop for lawn maintenance, weeding, planting, watering, etc. as well as seasonal needs such as snow removal or winterization.
One-time large-scale job needs- Clean Decisions has significant experience working with landscape designers and architects to install landscaping installations on large commercial properties. Past client examples include Halcyon House, Ditto Residential’s Hendrix and Oslo complexes, and the non-profit Changing Perceptions’ environmentally friendly headquarters.
“On call” services – Clean Decisions provides real estate professionals one point of contact for all needs in newly acquired properties. We provide not only demo and trash outs, but can provide basic yard clearing and weeding/mowing all the way up to high quality, low cost design and planting to make a home ready to sell. Regardless of the need for newly acquired properties in your portfolio, if you are an agent or developer, we would love to build a relationship with you

Residential Landscaping

Ongoing Yard Maintenance- We work with hundreds of individual homeowners in Capitol Hill, Hill East, and surrounding neighborhoods to provide high quality ongoing maintenance for their lawn and gardens.
Sod, Hardscape, and Other Installations- Whether a new lawn or new patio, we are happy to install whatever you need to take your yard to the next level!
Individual Landscape Needs- We have experience working with homeowners to implement their vision for a transformed yard. We would love to work with you whatever your individual need
FREE Environmentally Friendly Gardens- If you are a DC or PG County homeowner, please read below to see how you can receive a free native plant or rain garden

FREE Environmentally Friendly Landscaping
Residential or Commercial

The local government in DC (Riversmart) and PG County (Raincheck) have incentive programs to install environmentally friendly rain gardens and native plant gardens that reduce stormwater runoff. In PG County you can install a garden for free, and in DC the cost is only $100 for these gardens that would typically cost $1500-2000. Clean Decisions is a certified Riversmart and Raincheck landscaping firm, so can install gardens for you in either jurisdiction (and in PG county, where you have to pay upfront, will not charge until you have been reimbursed, so you have $0 out of pocket).

event staffing, clean-up, and rentals

Clean Decisions has been supporting the staffing, cleaning, and rental needs of DC’s event providers for over five years. For multiple years, we have been the staffing and cleaning provider for Taste of DC, the nation’s largest outdoor food festival. We have also served as the clean-up team for Snallygaster for multiple years, work with Events DC on their largest event needs, clean up for the Broccoli Festival each year, and have served the staffing, cleaning, or rental needs of many other food and beer festivals, one-time events on the mall, and other medium-large events.

We provide:


Whether you need tens or hundreds of individuals to help staff your event, we can provide, and manage, the team you need.

(During and Post-Event)
We provide support during events to ensure trash is cleaned and emptied with no hassle to you, and we also provide post event cleans and trash haul-aways.

Trash and Recycling Rentals

We can provide trash cans, recycling bins, and dumpsters for any size event. We deliver and pick up and make it a seamless, hassle-free experience for you.


customized labor services

We work hard to provide our partners whatever support they need. Below are just a few examples for context. If you have a need you aren’t sure who could fill, please give us a call. We would love to help!

Business Improvement Districts call us for jobs as varied as cleaning out a canal, erecting barriers, or extra staffing during major events. Real estate professionals have us on speed dial for demo, trash out, and yard clean up for newly acquired vacant properties. Getting an arena ready for a boxing match, and then getting the venue back to the condition it was prior to the event.

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Clean Decisions is here to help you with all the work you need done NOW.  Drop us a line, and we will be back to you immediately.

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Clean Decisions is here to help you with all the work you need done NOW.  Drop us a line, and we will be back to you immediately.